Definition of celestial pole in English:

celestial pole


  • The point on the celestial sphere directly above either of the earth's geographic poles, around which the stars and planets appear to rotate during the course of the night.

    • ‘This is the phenomenon of precession, caused by the Earth's axis slowly rotating around the celestial poles.’
    • ‘Through the eye of a 5m-tall obelisk, the observer will see the south celestial pole, the point in the sky about which the southern stars rotate.’
    • ‘The method proposed by Spence involved two stars on opposite sides of the celestial pole.’
    • ‘Lanzetta bases his conclusion on a new analysis of galaxies in the Hubble deep fields taken near the north and south celestial poles.’
    • ‘At first thought this does not seem too difficult a problem, even without a bright star close to the north celestial pole during the millennia of interest.’