Definition of celestial globe in English:

celestial globe


  • A spherical representation of the sky showing the constellations.

    • ‘Tycho began constructing another instrument, this time a large celestial globe made from wood.’
    • ‘The celestial globe is an astronomical instrument used to measure the stars and the nature of the universe.’
    • ‘But unlike a globe of the Earth, a celestial globe has little practical use today.’
    • ‘It is one of only about 175 known Islamic celestial globes from before 1800, and it is believed to be the only one in the United States made of wood, with the heavenly information delicately painted by hand.’
    • ‘In his instructions for constructing a celestial globe, Ptolemy recommended that all longitudes should be measured from Sirius, so that it would not become out of date as a result of precession.’
    • ‘The astronomer studies a celestial globe of similar, perhaps identical, design to that which appears in the Verkolje portraits.’
    • ‘He now began to construct astronomical instruments, including water clocks for accurate timing and armillary spheres which represent the celestial globe.’
    • ‘For Tommaso Rangone, in addition to his tomb, he designed a tympanum relief of Rangone seated between the terrestrial and celestial globes.’
    • ‘Two of the most famous were a wall-mounted quadrant with a brass arc seven feet in radius and a celestial globe five feet in diameter upon which hundreds of fixed stars were engraved as their exact positions were determined.’
    • ‘The two stumbled across the exhibit of fifty celestial globes and spheres.’
    • ‘The top shelf represents the world of heavenly studies and time, so there's a celestial globe, a sundial and quadrants.’
    • ‘Knowing there was a market for inexpensive maps, the Wilsons even produced three-inch terrestrial and celestial globes.’
    • ‘The celestial globes which used to hang in the auditorium have long been removed (but, like most other disassembled parts of the original design, they have been carefully stored).’
    • ‘During this time Mercator worked on a celestial globe of the same size as his terrestrial globe of 1541 which he completed in 1551.’
    • ‘He presented the King with two of his astronomical works, one on celestial globes, the other on the sizes and distances of heavenly bodies.’
    • ‘They constructed a terrestrial globe in 1536, and they constructed a celestial globe in the following year.’
    • ‘In 1444 he became interested in astronomy and purchased sixteen books on astronomy, a wooden celestial globe, a copper celestial globe and various astronomical instruments including an astrolabe.’
    • ‘He was living in the first age of modern cartography, and in 1515 he was to make woodcuts of the earliest accurate celestial globe to appear in print, arranged in two hemispheres.’
    • ‘Three astrolabes and a quadrant hang in a back room, while a large celestial globe is suspended from the ceiling.’
    • ‘Time was astronomical, founded on the movements of the celestial bodies, and this is represented by there being a celestial globe with 48 constellations and 1022 stars.’