Definition of celestial equator in English:

celestial equator


  • The projection into space of the earth's equator; an imaginary circle equidistant from the celestial poles.

    • ‘The vernal and autumnal equinoxes occur when the ecliptic crosses the celestial equator, so linking stars, sun and earth through the passage of time.’
    • ‘The ‘equinox’ for Church purposes is stipulated to be the whole of March 21, whereas the astronomically defined instant of the equinox - when the Sun crosses the celestial equator - varies over a 53-hour range from March 19 to 21.’
    • ‘The first image is of the impressive spiral galaxy NGC 6118, located near the celestial equator, in the constellation Serpens.’
    • ‘Although Saturn has passed overhead before dusk, the planet, because it appears well north of the celestial equator, remains visible for several hours after sunset.’
    • ‘The statue's sky globe, which is 26 inches in diameter, shows 41 Greek constellations, as well as the celestial equator, tropics and ecliptic.’