Definition of cedilla in English:



  • 1A mark (¸) written under the letter c, especially in French, to show that it is pronounced like an s rather than a k (e.g. façade).

    • ‘This new accentual emphasis sometimes stems from a mere cedilla.’
    • ‘His publicity pictures show a perky looking man - puckish perhaps - with a cheery grin of white teeth and lightly raised eyebrows like cedillas.’
    • ‘Elsewhere, especially in some loans, c is soft before ae, oe in Latin caesura and Greek coelacanth, soft in French façade (often written without the cedilla, as facade), and generally hard in Celt/Celtic.’
    • ‘We apologise to our more pedantic readers for the absence of a cedilla on the word ‘soupcon’. But do you really think I've got time to write this drivel and go the Windows Character Map to look for French accents?’
    1. 1.1A mark similar to a cedilla written under s in Turkish and other languages.


Late 16th century: from obsolete Spanish, earlier form of zedilla, diminutive of zeda (the letter Z), from Greek zēta.