Definition of ceaselessly in English:



  • Continuously and without end.

    ‘a former policeman who has campaigned ceaselessly on his daughter's behalf’
    • ‘At the same time as he was producing his famous fashion images, he worked ceaselessly to capture the world around him.’
    • ‘He talks ceaselessly in public about innovation, but privately his administration questions the costs of any worthwhile environmental rule.’
    • ‘Walking up to the very edge, she stared down at the turbulent waves, pounding ceaselessly at the shore.’
    • ‘He is ceaselessly inquisitive, inviting comments on his website.’
    • ‘Rather than starting from a preconceived image, he will be ceaselessly occupied with doing justice to the idea.’
    • ‘If they know who you are, they'll harass you ceaselessly.’
    • ‘The party is now fielding a 62-year-old candidate who talks ceaselessly about a forgotten, reviled war.’
    • ‘They stay in jobs they hate, then complain ceaselessly that they hate their jobs.’
    • ‘Right-lucky accidents were Morse's forte, the result of a ceaselessly inquiring mind.’
    • ‘My head was pounding ceaselessly, as Ben pulled up at my house a few moments later.’