Definition of cavernous in English:



  • 1Like a cavern in size, shape, or atmosphere.

    ‘a dismal cavernous hall’
    • ‘There's not even a cross in its cavernous auditorium, which looks more like a modern concert hall than a place of worship.’
    • ‘Only the cavernous prayer hall is reminiscent of traditional Tibet.’
    • ‘We pass through the cavernous main entrance hall three times.’
    • ‘The huge, cavernous interiors of Christian cathedrals dwarf us into silent wonder and then the acoustics have their way.’
    • ‘The saving grace of the cavernous Innis Town Hall, however, is it allows musicians to accompany a film live.’
    • ‘She gestured toward a cavernous meeting hall full of clerics and bishops.’
    • ‘There are four matches being played simultaneously in a cavernous hall, capacity roughly 7000.’
    • ‘The cavernous hall isn't sold out, but still, 6000 fans screaming and waving glow sticks is a sight to behold.’
    • ‘A huge beautifully styled bar - which managed to lose none of its charm or atmosphere in spite of its cavernous size.’
    • ‘With domed hall and cavernous corridors that echoed every step, this felt more like a tomb.’
    • ‘The atmosphere created in the cavernous Palau Sant Jordi was extraordinary.’
    • ‘An hour later Kerry was standing in a cavernous Philadelphia conference hall.’
    • ‘Radiation and winds emanating from the star have sculpted the Trifid cloud into its current cavernous shape.’
    • ‘Tucked away to the side of Debenhams' cavernous cosmetic hall is a room dedicated to serious pampering.’
    • ‘With such a treat in store, it was surprising to see so many empty seats at this second night of the George Piper Dances week at the cavernous Queen Elizabeth Hall.’
    • ‘We arrived in the large, cavernous space that had very few customers and zero atmosphere.’
    • ‘We'd been rehearsing in a cold, cavernous warehouse space at Fort Mason for six weeks.’
    • ‘Suddenly, a drum corps thunders to life, and the students hustle into a cavernous hall, where they snap to attention.’
    • ‘The shop initially stocked products that the firm held in its cavernous warehouse, but quickly saw there was an untapped market for arts and craft materials.’
    • ‘Walking into the cavernous turbine hall you're faced with a huge brightly lit sun on the opposite wall.’
    extending far down
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    1. 1.1 Giving the impression of vast, dark depths.
      ‘his cavernous eyes’
      • ‘The interior is gothic and cavernous - all dark wood and polish folk songs on the stereo.’
      • ‘I wait for the light to switch on in the cavernous depths of his stupidity.’
      • ‘Boxes emerged from closets, beneath beds, and from the cavernous depths of Mother's storage house.’
      • ‘Overall, Temptation is a sad affair carried by simplistic melodies that have been mixed and layered to cavernous depths.’
      • ‘And if I shake it, I can hear everything inside it rattling around inside its cavernous depths.’
      vast, huge, large, immense, spacious, roomy, airy, commodious, capacious, voluminous, ample, rambling, extensive, high, deep
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Late Middle English: from Old French caverneux or Latin cavernosus (from caverna ‘cavern’).