Definition of cave dweller in English:

cave dweller


  • A caveman or cavewoman.

    • ‘For comic effect, the Ancient Britons are portrayed as dim-witted, fur-wearing cave-dwellers who club their women-folk over the head by way of courtship.’
    • ‘Gone is the bony aesthete of yore; before us stands a creature who seems equal parts cave-dweller and jovial uncle.’
    • ‘Cheating at school, or ruthlessness in business, is easy to ‘explain’ in evolutionary terms - survival of the most cunning and merciless ape-man or hunter-gatherer cave-dweller.’
    • ‘The sets are craggy, and one might suppose that the feudal clans of Scotland were cave-dwellers.’
    • ‘With these technologies deployed successfully, other communities will look like cave-dwellers by comparison.’
    • ‘But for all their ragged diversity and limited numbers, they have proved effective enough so far, acting as a bulwark against further attempts to banish the cave-dwellers.’
    • ‘The cave-dwellers first used caves as shelters.’
    • ‘Moon's formative years were spent in Laurel Canyon with Charles Manson's gang as neighbouring cave-dwellers.’
    • ‘The title of her play comes from a quote from the celebrated author Michael Ondaatje who wrote: ‘Nothing will change until the people of this country cease to be cave-dwellers of the mind.’’