Definition of cave cricket in English:

cave cricket


  • another term for camel cricket
    • ‘Localized post-depositional mixing by cave crickets (Ceuthophilus stygius or Hadenoecus subterraneus) is evident both macroscopically and microscopically as homogenized weakly granulated fabric.’
    • ‘Wood rats, cave crickets, and numerous rare fish, amphibian, crustacean, and insect species inhabit caves, and many will consume or line their nests with virtually any material left for them to find.’
    • ‘Although cave crickets might look similar to the field cricket, they are from a different family.’
    • ‘There is also a species of cave cricket in Borneo that feeds on both the young and eggs of swiftlets.’
    • ‘Turning down ‘Boone Avenue’, a high and narrow sinuous corridor, we saw a few cave crickets.’