Definition of cave-like in English:



  • See cave

    • ‘Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away from Capitol Hill, deep within the cave-like laboratories of the infamous research centre that gave birth to the A-bomb, scientists have begun work on a new, highly classified project.’
    • ‘When you go into the halls of Gems and Minerals next door, you enter a cave-like kind of room, which is reminiscent of where those rocks come from.’
    • ‘All three firms will consult with homeowners or their contractors as to how to create the cave-like conditions that are optimal for long-term wine storage.’
    • ‘Eventually she took my hand and drew me through a small door into a cave-like room where I was introduced to her father.’
    • ‘Fluorescent lighting illuminates the white underside of the outer shell generating a soft iridescence that evokes the mystery of a subterranean grotto, with the cave-like auditorium at its heart.’