Definition of cavaquinho in English:



  • A type of small, four-stringed guitar resembling a ukulele, popular in Brazil and Portugal.

    • ‘Nordestinos, cowboys from the hinterland in leather sombreros with turned-up brims, were singing mournful ballads and accompanying themselves on accordions, triangles and mandolin-like cavaquinhos.’
    • ‘Carlos elegantly distills the essence of Peruvian Quecua waltzes usually heard with Pan flutes and cavaquinhos but here played with an accordion.’
    • ‘Back in the 1400s, Portuguese sailors took cavaquinhos with them on their voyages of discovery to Africa, the Americas and the Caribbean.’
    • ‘During the 15th century the four-course cavaquinho reached Africa, the Americas, and even Hawaii, where it became the four-string Ukulele.’
    • ‘Her two brothers played guitars and cavaquinhos at home, and rather than play hopscotch or dolls with other girls of her age, her great pleasure was to accompany her brothers.’