Definition of caution money in English:

caution money


mass nounBritish
  • Money deposited, especially by a college student, as security for good conduct.

    • ‘You will be required to pay £100.00 caution money at the beginning of the session.’
    • ‘Caution Money which is to be paid at the time of admission is refundable without interest on completion of the program against caution money receipt.’
    • ‘Application for refund of caution money must be made within six months after the student has left the College by completing the appropriate form and submitting the original receipt of payment.’
    • ‘This will enable the Financial Office to send your caution money cheque to the right place.’
    • ‘However, the Area Directorates are authorized to decide the collection of freightage at the arrival station provided that a Bank Guarantee Letter is submitted or caution money is paid in advance.’
    • ‘Such caution money must be returned to the client when s/he leaves after inspection of the apartment.’
    • ‘On our arrival, they wanted us to pay €305 each as a caution money for the use of the kitchen in our room.’
    • ‘The caution money is refundable on withdrawal from the Institute if no claims are outstanding.’
    • ‘The caution money is to be deposited also in cases when the charterer charters a yacht together with a skipper.’
    • ‘Charges will be made against the caution money if there is any unpaid claim against the student, such as outstanding library dues.’