Definition of cauterization in English:


(British cauterisation)


  • See cauterize

    • ‘Another option is electrosurgical cauterization of the diseased tissue, which can be performed to treat implants found during laparoscopy; however, the implants can recur after only one or two years.’
    • ‘The use of heat in the treatment of patients with joint instability dates back to ancient times, with Hippocrates describing the use of cauterization in unstable shoulders.’
    • ‘These vibrations cut and coagulate tissue simultaneously at far lower temperatures than cauterisation, thus reducing lateral thermal tissue damage.’
    • ‘During lung transplantation, careful ligation and cauterization of these vessels is necessary to allow dissection of the pulmonary vessels and main bronchi and to prevent bleeding in the postoperative course.’
    • ‘On rare occasions, a nose bleed may require cauterization, which is done by the ENT surgeons.’