Definition of causerie in English:



  • An informal article or talk, typically on a literary subject.

    • ‘In causerie we are slipshod with our terminology; in fact, variations in terms and equivocations often lend considerable charm to the conversation.’
    • ‘The man who, in 1920, MacCarthy, under the nom de guerre ‘Affable Hawk’, succeeded as causerie columnist and literary editor of the New Statesman, was John Squire.’
    • ‘Where critics of the older school would bring forth laborious lay sermons, he would trot out a diverting confection of a causerie.’
    • ‘More recently, we have the eccentric cameos of Richard Cobb and causeries of A.J.P. Taylor, of which he said they were evidence that he had run out of historical subjects.’


French, from causer to talk.



/ˈkəʊzəri//French kozʀi/