Definition of causally in English:



  • In terms of the way that one thing causes another; by way of cause and effect.

    ‘the storm cannot be understood causally’
    ‘the two traits are causally related’
    • ‘It looks to be inconsistent with a prevalent view about how the world is causally structured.’
    • ‘To explain causally the death or erosion of an institution, he will have to explain how people manage, causally, to withdraw recognition.’
    • ‘Informants volunteered descriptions of dramatic change, or lack thereof, in which the lead surgeon's behavior was causally implicated.’
    • ‘Let us ask whether the two deficits are related causally, rather than being a coincidence.’
    • ‘Institutional reality is said to be causally efficacious.’
    • ‘Researchers tried to prove that brain capacity was causally related to intelligence.’
    • ‘One of the driving principles of magical thinking is the notion that things that resemble each other are causally connected in some way that defies scientific testing.’
    • ‘Aggression is thereby linked causally to people who live "close to the land."’
    • ‘They note that when we talk about physical things, we use language that locates or causally connects objects in space.’
    • ‘How harshly we judge those whose inadequate parenting, confidence, and life skills are causally linked to what may at last be a provable fact.’