Definition of caulker in English:



  • See caulk

    • ‘We don't care about the experts turning that two-bedroom shanty into a beautiful mansion, we want to see that arrogant caulker shoot a roofing nail into his foot and fall into a tree mulching machine.’
    • ‘Any calker worth his salt in time acquired a set of Drew irons, which he cherished like his children and polished by use until they gleamed like silver.’
    • ‘Novice calkers will find that this makes these tools a lot easier to hit than the old Drews.’
    • ‘Within one year, Douglass earns the wages of the most experienced calkers, at times bringing in nine dollars per week.’
    • ‘In 1838, while a ship caulker's apprentice, Douglass acquired free seaman papers and escaped to New York City.’