Definition of caudate nucleus in English:

caudate nucleus


  • The upper of the two grey nuclei of the corpus striatum in the cerebrum of the brain.

    • ‘Immediately above the anterior perforated substance, the pear-shaped head of the caudate nucleus is confluent with the putamen of the lentiform nucleus.’
    • ‘The more severe a patient's ADHD symptoms - as rated by parents and clinicians - the smaller were their frontal lobes, temporal gray matter, caudate nucleus and cerebellum.’
    • ‘The internal capsule and corona radiata have been exposed by removal of the corpus callosum, caudate nucleus, and diencephalon.’
    • ‘The dark appearance of the caudate nucleus and putamen is attributable to their content of blood vessels and neuronal cell bodies.’
    • ‘In this preparation the corpus callosum, caudate nucleus, and most brainstem structures have been removed.’