Definition of caubeen in English:



  • An Irish beret, typically dark green in colour.

    • ‘I have four caubeens, no two of them are are the same. two Balmorals, one black, one dark green.’
    • ‘And we wear the green caubeen and carry the pike, the distinctive headgear and weapon of the Irish warriors of old.’
    • ‘From 1922 the service dress gave way to a full dress with kilt and caubeen of issue pattern with which is now quite familiar.’
    • ‘Whatever its origin, however, the caubeen had become accepted as being distinctively Irish by the early years of the Twentieth Century.’
    • ‘Officers and Warrant officers of this Territorial Army unit wear this extremely attractive hackle in the caubeen, which is provided at their own expense.’


Early 19th century: Irish, literally ‘old hat’, from cáibín ‘little cape’, diminutive of cába ‘cape’.