Definition of cattle yard in English:

cattle yard


NZ, Australian
  • An enclosure with pens in which cattle are sorted or temporarily housed.

    ‘they are mustered into the cattle yards at sunset’
    • ‘A two-bay shed and sheep yards are located closed to the house, with the cattle yards adjacent to Marfells Beach Road.’
    • ‘The conditions in the cattle yard while milking was going on were "terrible".’
    • ‘The property encompasses sheep and cattle yards, an on-site lime quarry and a four-bedroom house.’
    • ‘You don't need to see a cattle yard to identify its existence; the smell alone is usually enough.’
    • ‘They include a new woolshed and sheep and cattle yards that are capable of housing 3000 sheep and 200 head of cattle at a time.’
    • ‘The place is well set up for cattle with an as-new set of steel bugle cattle yards that have barely been used with a covered crush area, large loading area and power.’
    • ‘On properties that have well managed watering points it is possible to set up cattle yards with one-way gates or spear traps at the watering trough.’
    • ‘As cellphone coverage was poor, he ran to the cattle yards to raise the alarm.’
    • ‘That's why so many farmers use white pine for their cattle yards.’
    • ‘A new study by researchers from Texas Tech University sought to explore the airborne transmission of antibiotics from cattle yards.’