Definition of cattle run in English:

cattle run


NZ, Australian
  • A tract of land used for grazing cattle.

    ‘he took up a small farm and later leased a cattle run’
    • ‘They were handed the deeds to the former Loves Creek pastoral lease, which was established in 1896 as a cattle run.’
    • ‘I ran full-speed, directly into an electric fence along the cattle run.’
    • ‘The government started to purchase some of the larger sheep and cattle runs and to develop them into smaller units, largely for dairy production.’
    • ‘In 1956, a ringer came in from a cattle run, dumped his swag under the big gum tree in Parsons Street, then jumped in my taxi.’
    • ‘The restoration will not include the auxiliaries because they won't be needed for big cattle runs.’
    • ‘In 1856, he bought a cattle run at Mount Remarkable.’
    • ‘He was soon looking to buy pastoral land to establish a cattle run, rather than investing in Adelaide property.’
    • ‘Those killed in the conflicts were perhaps refugees or working on the cattle runs.’
    • ‘The town was first established as a cattle run back in 1839—more than a decade before the gold rush started.’
    • ‘Whilst I was travelling the lonely outback to far distant cattle runs, missions, and Aboriginal communities, I do not recall a time when I felt that my life was in danger.’