Definition of cattle dog in English:

cattle dog


NZ, Australian
  • A dog bred and trained to work cattle.

    • ‘Descended from German sheep dogs and cattle dogs, this large variety of Schnauzer was evolved through interbreeding with the smaller Schnauzers.’
    • ‘Jesse turned the ute into the long driveway and pulled up sharply in front of the homestead, nearly running over one of the cattle dogs.’
    • ‘News of the fatal attack has prompted enquiries from prospective owners to kennels that raise the dogs, which were originally bred from cattle dogs, mastiffs and bulldogs brought to the Canary Islands by British settlers.’
    • ‘For days, the only time it stopped shivering with terror was when Tommy, our cattle dog, would come bounding up, all licks and tail wags.’
    • ‘Gillespie would travel the west with his old cattle dog for company.’