Definition of cattle class in English:

cattle class


mass nounhumorous
  • The cheapest class of seats on an aircraft.

    • ‘This morning, one of the trains I couldn't get on at Woking was full to standing capacity in first class, let alone cattle class.’
    • ‘So, a little over a week after vowing never to travel in cattle-class again on a long-haul trip, here we are again.’
    • ‘Welcome to cattle class.’
    • ‘Some of his fellow passengers in 'cattle class' from Chester to London are increasingly feeling the pain.’
    • ‘Actually, I don't do too much plane boarding because I can never afford to travel more than cattle class.’
    • ‘On the way there were no power sockets in cattle class, and I had to stand up all the way back.’
    • ‘It's only people in cattle class who are asked to get there two hours before the plane's due to leave.’
    • ‘Imagine them filled with passengers seated 10 abreast, and you start to wonder: Will this plane give a whole new meaning to the term "cattle class"?’
    • ‘I'm flying cattle-class which, based on previous experience, could far and away be the biggest threat to my safety and wellbeing.’
    • ‘The luggage looks out of place because anyone with $20,000 for a suitcase should not be flying cattle class.’
    • ‘I was in cattle-class again, but after being compressed in the terminal, it was nice to find even a semi-comfortable seat to sit in.’
    • ‘We stood, sweating, in a crowded immigration hall at Orlando Airport, all the cattle class mixed in with the toffs from the executive lounge.’
    • ‘If you think spending 14 hours in cattle class is grim, try being a captive audience for the travellers' complaints while maintaining a fixed grin.’
    • ‘He won't shirk the task of waiting to pick up tickets in cattle class.’
    • ‘Interestingly, my condition was not judged severe enough for an upgrade to business class so it was cattle class to Seoul whereupon more lying on the floor followed.’
    • ‘As one of the unfortunate cattle-class who has to battle through these radiator pipes every day, here's my idea: more trains, fewer people per train.’
    • ‘Even the so-called 'first class' is now not much better than cattle class.’
    • ‘In cattle class we are sheep or, worse, sardines.’
    • ‘For those in cattle class getting a seat by the window is enough of a high-stakes game.’
    • ‘That is no thrills sub-economy for most, or "cattle class" for the well heeled business flyer.’