Definition of catholicon in English:



  • A solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases; a panacea.

    • ‘A good wife is a Catholicon for all the evils that happen in life.’
    • ‘"Mithridate" and "Venice treacle," each composed of forty antagonizing ingredients, were the great Catholicons.’
    • ‘This medicine, taken 4 or 5 times a day, will fulfill every indication that the boasted panaceas and catholicons can perform.’
    • ‘Understanding there are no true catholicons in this world, I must fight to bring awareness to the public so we may one day find a cure.’
    • ‘Death is the cure of all diseases. There is no Catholicon or universal remedy I know but this.’
    universal cure, cure-all, cure for all ills, universal remedy, sovereign remedy, heal-all, nostrum, elixir, wonder drug, perfect solution, magic formula, magic bullet
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Late Middle English: via medieval Latin from Greek dia katholikōn ‘made of general ingredients’: compare with diacatholicon.