Definition of cathodoluminescence in English:



mass nounPhysics
  • Luminescence excited by the impact of an electron beam.

    • ‘Zircons separated from the rock samples were mounted in epoxy resin, sectioned, imaged by cathodoluminescence, and dated using the SHRIMP-II ion microprobe at the Isotope Science Research Centre, Curtin University, Perth.’
    • ‘Specimens were observed using transmitted light, polarized light, reflected light under oil, and cathodoluminescence.’
    • ‘Mineralization was studied in core using cathodoluminescence, transmitted and reflected light microscopy and fluid inclusion microthermometry.’
    • ‘Internal textures were imaged using backscattered electrons and cathodoluminescence.’
    • ‘A selection of carbonate and sulphide samples were analysed to determine their composition, and also to correlate any changes in composition with colour zonation identified in transmitted light or under cathodoluminescence.’