Definition of cathodic protection in English:

cathodic protection


mass noun
  • Protection of a metal structure from corrosion under water by making it act as an electrical cathode.

    • ‘We were able to speed up work by using a hi-tech system called cathodic protection, which involves passing an electric current through concrete bridge supports to reverse corrosion.’
    • ‘This was the first successful application of cathodic protection, in which a more readily oxidized metal is attached to the metal to be protected.’
    • ‘The commercially pure metal has a number of important nonstructural uses, for example, in pyrotechnics, as an alloying agent in nonferrous metallurgy, and in the cathodic protection of other metals against corrosion.’
    • ‘A process called cathodic protection will reverse the effects of salt corrosion by passing a small electric current through steel reinforcements inside the concrete.’
    • ‘Stainless steel tubing increases copper alloy tube sheet attack to the point where impressed current cathodic protection is normally required to control tube sheet corrosion.’


cathodic protection