Definition of cathetometer in English:



  • A telescope mounted on a graduated scale, used for accurate measurement of small vertical distances.

    • ‘The length of fuel assemblies and fuel rods is measured by comparison with the length standard by means of cathetometer.’
    • ‘Each cathetometer has a horizontal travel of 1.8 m and a vertical travel of 1.2 m.’
    • ‘The vertical drops can be determined with a cathetometer even when someone else is gathering data with the apparatus.’
    • ‘This computer program controls motors that drive translation stages in a metrology system that consists of a pair of two-axis cathetometers.’
    • ‘The difference of the two readings on the cathetometer would give the corresponding length measured on the glass column for 100 ml.’


Mid 19th century: from Latin cathetus (from Greek kathetos ‘perpendicular line’, from kathienai ‘send or let down’) + -meter.