Definition of Catharist in English:


noun & adjective

  • See Cathar

    • ‘In the Middle Ages, some groups, such as the Waldenses and Catharists, rejected infant baptism.’
    • ‘In 1929, he made a special trip to the Languedoc region of Southern France, a hotbed of Catharist activities in the thirteenth century.’
    • ‘Both authors discuss the Catharist revival of the late thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries, accenting different aspects of it, and both offer epilogues on the later legacies of Catharism.’
    • ‘Between 1030-1040 an important Catharist community was discovered at the castle of Monteforte near Asti in Piedmont.’
    • ‘The Catharists considered themselves to hold the Christian faith in its most pristine form.’