Definition of catenane in English:



  • A molecule which consists of two or more connected rings like links in a chain.

    • ‘In general, these two closed chains are linked catenanes, and the type of linkage reflects a topological property of the original substrate.’
    • ‘An added advantage, Stoddart notes, is that carbon nanotubes are much more chemically compatible with organic switching molecules, such as catenanes, than more conventional metallic electrodes are.’
    • ‘The molecules we have generated are complex catenanes, wherein the cyclic strands are linked to both of the continuous strands.’
    • ‘The work builds on research into catenanes by Fraser Stoddart and others at the University of California at Los Angeles.’
    • ‘The ultimate product of the ligations involved in producing the molecules we use is a cyclic molecule or a catenane.’


1960s: from Latin catena ‘chain’ + -ane.