Definition of category killer in English:

category killer


  • A large store, typically one of a chain, which specializes in a particular type of discounted merchandise and becomes the dominant retailer in that category.

    • ‘Thankfully for WebEx and its investors, however, the first version of Microsoft's product isn't a category killer.’
    • ‘Rick Heller is the managing editor of SoftPolitics, a Web site that has established itself as a category killer with one-stop shopping for consumers of political blogs across the spectrum.’
    • ‘A server at a ‘reasonable price’ with the ability to record and pause live television could be ‘Apple's next category killer.’’
    • ‘They're under attack from both ends: the higher-priced, service-oriented stores such as Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom and, at the other end, big-box category killers and discounters.’
    • ‘This is an opportunity to build a category killer.’
    • ‘In electronics, where Wal-Mart held back on promotions, category killers such as Best Buy and Circuit City Stores Inc. kept their early discounts roughly in line with 2003 levels.’
    • ‘Analysts consider PowerPoint the category killer; it accounts for at least 95% of the presentation software market.’
    • ‘With Wal-Mart and others increasingly interested only in the briskest-selling products, it turns out that suppliers are better off with a clutch of category killers than a cartful of so-so sellers.’
    • ‘If it delivers half of what it promises it could be a legitimate category killer.’
    • ‘As indicated by our results, some of the least-known companies scored higher overall than their brand-name brethren - just a reminder that today's ‘no name’ could become tomorrow's category killer.’
    • ‘Dutch company Philips is still the category killer when it comes to design, and this environmentally conscious TV breaks new ground.’
    • ‘The strategy clearly works: Today, says Goolsby, 42% of the recorded music sold in America comes from the discounters and category killers, up from some 25% in 1992.’
    • ‘‘In every retailing industry, there are category killers who figure out how to have a very low cost structure and pass those advantages on to customers, day in and day out, with better pricing,’ he says.’
    • ‘But it's still taking it on the chin from discounters and category killers such as Wal-Mart and Target, Circuit City and Best Buy and Home Depot and Lowe's.’