Definition of categorial in English:



  • See category

    • ‘The political significance of categorial identity is clear in part because we are used to thinking of politics by reference to identity categories anyway.’
    • ‘This seeming paradox makes sense once one recognizes that nationalism and communalism are both products of categorial identification.’
    • ‘In any case, rules, whether variable or categorial, and the idiosyncratic marking of forms in the lexicon, are not available options in a Cognitive Grammar.’
    • ‘Statistical relations between the categorial variables were analysed with SPSS software, using analysis or the Cochran Q test for related dichotomous variables.’
    • ‘Of course, temporal-parts theorists may urge that this categorial distinction between objects and processes is a superficial and philosophically unjustifiable one, rooted in the idiosyncrasies of everyday grammatical forms.’