Definition of catechismal in English:



  • See catechism

    • ‘The teacher must carefully prepare the religion lesson if he wishes to give an accurate and adequate explanation of the catechismal truths.’
    • ‘The catechismal teaching that taking a life, even an unborn one, is wrong may polarise people into two distinct camps, but it does not encourage the taking of lives (ready-formed ones).’
    • ‘The catechismal school dealt more with Catholicism than reading, writing and arithmetic.’
    • ‘After receiving more than 250 complaints, the commission has submitted another version of the catechismal phrase, which will probably be approved by a convocation of Anglican bishops this week.’
    • ‘The Heidelberg Catechism follows this tradition of catechismal instruction and discusses the Apostles’ Creed in questions 22-58.’