Definition of catchment area in English:

catchment area


  • 1The area from which a hospital's patients or school's pupils are drawn.

    ‘she lives outside the school's catchment area’
    • ‘The city boundaries give the school a catchment area of three primary schools.’
    • ‘His school provides secondary education to a catchment area that covers some of the city's most deprived wards.’
    • ‘It is an expensive quandary involving private schools or moving house to be in the catchment area of a decent state school, and often it also means paying for extra tuition.’
    • ‘He said that as many as a dozen pupils live within the catchment area, but travel to the neighbouring primary school.’
    • ‘She said there is a strong demand for Russian language development in west London and Surrey, and she expects to receive pupils from a wide catchment area.’
    • ‘We compiled clinical and demographic data for each patient within the catchment area from case notes and computerised records.’
    • ‘Delayed discharges continue and there have been a number of admissions of patients from outside the hospital's normal catchment area.’
    • ‘The Minister acknowledged the need to provide additional accommodation for older people at the District Hospital to serve the catchment area.’
    • ‘He said the hospital deserved support given the size of its catchment area and the high quality of many of its staff.’
    • ‘They were also against splitting the catchment area into two different areas.’
    • ‘A School Prospectus is available and has been distributed through the Primary Schools in the catchment area.’
    • ‘However, if this cannot be done then pupils from outside the catchment area will be told there is no guarantee that they will get a seat.’
    • ‘The proportion of African American and Hispanic patients in our catchment area is very low.’
    • ‘This will make a difference to our school because it will boost numbers and add an extra village to our catchment area.’
    • ‘The surgery is taking on new patients from within the catchment area.’
    • ‘Where we live, we do not fall into the catchment area of any secondary school!’
    • ‘There are an estimated 47,000 people in the hospital's catchment area with some kind of hearing difficulty.’
    • ‘But the most likely use of auditioning, she said, was to select highly talented pupils from outside the school and college's normal catchment area.’
    • ‘She said one third of pupils in her school's catchment area went to other schools, a scenario which is likely to worsen in the future.’
    • ‘The school is in excellent condition and is extremely popular with pupils and parents, with around half of its pupils coming from outside the traditional catchment area.’
  • 2The area from which rainfall flows into a river, lake, or reservoir.

    ‘the reservoir and its catchment area of heather moorland’
    • ‘We have also been collecting data on watersheds and catchment areas in the Annapolis Valley.’
    • ‘Lake Dongting is the first major catchment area of the Yangtze and is one of the main natural defences against flooding for the tens of millions of people living along the river.’
    • ‘Rampant pollution, sand mining and destruction of the forest cover in its catchment area have spelt doom for the river.’
    • ‘Water quality in reservoirs will also be improved and the forests in their catchment areas better protected.’
    • ‘They also argue the dam would damage the environment and agriculture in river catchment areas.’
    • ‘The State has only four medium rivers with a total catchment area of 8,250 sq. km. Remaining rivers are only minor rivers.’
    • ‘Due to failure of monsoon and negligible rain in catchment areas inflow had been considerably less than the last year figures.’
    • ‘The scheme is aimed at enhancing rivers and lakes in the Mayo catchment area.’
    • ‘The lake overflowed as the catchment area of the lake has been receiving heavy rain for the last one week.’
    • ‘Contrary to heavy rainfall in the plains, there seems to be less rainfall in the catchment area of the Gobind Sagar reservoir in Himachal Pradesh.’
    • ‘Let's hope that some of last night's rain ended up in the right places, such as catchment areas, reservoirs, etc.’
    • ‘Demand for water in the catchment areas of the river is bound to increase if people start irrigating their crops.’
    • ‘The Wairarapa farming region north of the capital was placed on flood alert after some 200 mm of rain fell in hill catchment areas, swelling four regional rivers.’
    • ‘Rampant destruction of mountain slopes has eroded soil in water catchment areas, a problem exacerbated by the fast-flowing, short rivers that make collection difficult.’
    • ‘Small streams are common on many moors and upper river catchment areas.’
    • ‘The dam was built between 1912 and 1915 and relies on rainfall in a catchment area covering 407.5 square kilometres.’
    • ‘Moreover, the development would cause serious traffic congestion, reduce the water catchment area and increase the crime rate in the area.’
    • ‘They explored large areas of the Victoria River catchment area and went as far as 500 kilometres south to the edge of the Great Sandy Desert.’
    • ‘She said that this bill was all about the proper management of resources in the Waitaki River catchment area.’
    • ‘Environmentalists, however, say that the whole environment of river catchment areas is in decline.’


catchment area

/ˈkatʃmənt ˌɛːrɪə/