Definition of catchily in English:



  • See catchy

    • ‘Tulsa may have been put on the map by Gene Pitney, who crooned catchily about being only 24 hours from the Oklahoman city, but it hasn't made the hit parade as far as the sizeable press corps is concerned.’
    • ‘The songs are tighter and more powerful, Tom Morello's riffs are meaner and his solos are crazier, and Zack's vocals are angrier and more catchily delivered.’
    • ‘I know because I was one of the first to present such a programme, the catchily named Weekend with Rod Liddle and Kate Silverton.’
    • ‘The sounds are good, with plenty of Pixies-ish guitar squall, Bono-ish vocals and catchily infantile riffs.’
    • ‘The highlight of the album, this song comes over like Costello singing for The Travelling Wilburys and flits catchily between both prickly and country pop.’