Definition of catch some (or a few) Zs in English:

catch some (or a few) Zs


North American
  • Get some sleep.

    • ‘Why is it whenever I try to catch some Zs all I can hear is you two squawking?’
    • ‘I was catching a few Zs on the lower bunk in our call room.’
    relax, take a rest, ease off, ease up, let up, slow down, pause, have a break, take a break, unbend, repose, laze, idle, loaf, do nothing, take time off, slack off, unwind, recharge one's batteries, be at leisure, take it easy, sit back, sit down, stand down, lounge, luxuriate, loll, slump, flop, put one's feet up, lie down, go to bed, have a nap, take a nap, nap, catnap, doze, have a siesta, take a siesta, drowse, sleep
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