Definition of catch one's breath in English:

catch one's breath


  • 1Cease breathing momentarily in surprise or fear.

    ‘she caught her breath, surprised by the suddenness of the question’
    • ‘The pain wasn't too bad but it caught my breath.’
    • ‘As I walked out of our cottage, the sky caught my breath as I muttered a "thank you" to God for such a beautiful place.’
    pant, puff, puff and pant, blow, heave, wheeze, breathe hard, breathe heavily, catch one's breath, draw in one's breath, gulp, choke, fight for breath, struggle for air
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  • 2Rest after exercise to restore normal breathing.

    ‘she stood for a few moments catching her breath’
    • ‘It felt like my chest tightened up and I had to struggle to catch my breath.’
    • ‘I crouched down behind a pile of broken stone to catch my breath.’
    • ‘Once the pain subsided, I was still panting and trying to catch my breath.’