Definition of catch it in English:

catch it


  • Be punished or told off.

    ‘I'll catch it if he finds me here’
    • ‘They bought the cheap labor mantra like it was religion and are now catching hell.’
    • ‘It's because somewhere, they broke a rule they didn't know about and caught hell for it.’
    • ‘Lately I've been spending too much time in your bars, coming home all hours of the morning and catching hell from my girlfriend.’
    • ‘And when you're catching hell from both sides, as Brian indicated, you must be doing something right.’
    • ‘Dave already has caught hell, and lots of it.’
    • ‘The next day I really caught it from my so called buddies about taking her to the dance.’
    • ‘Some state coordinators are still catching hell for the choices they made.’
    • ‘They ran out of trolleys that night, and I caught hell from Mr Norton.’
    • ‘I remember once going shopping for my Mum, and a friend asked me to get a jelly that her Mum had sent her for. Of course, I’d forgotten that it would be ticked off our rations! I really caught it for that.’
    • ‘Everything I did in life that was worthwhile I caught hell for.’
    be reprimanded, be scolded, be rebuked, be taken to task, be admonished, be chastised, be castigated, get into trouble, be hauled over the coals
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