Definition of catch a crab in English:

catch a crab


  • Make a faulty stroke in which the oar is jammed under water or misses the water altogether.

    • ‘Under threat for the lead with 600 metres to go, Lithuania caught a crab and Argentina was able to push past and finish first.’
    • ‘The two continued to press each other and nerves must have been affecting Raduenzel when she caught a crab with 600 metres to go.’
    • ‘With less than 100 metres to go Great Britain had a slight lead in the first of two repechages when bow, Alison Mowbray, caught a crab.’
    • ‘Australia caught a crab and dropped to third while the United States slipped out of the qualification spots.’
    • ‘Coles caught a crab midway through their Olympic heat, sending both of the rowers flying out of the boat.’
    • ‘The South Africans then caught a crab just metres before the line which dropped them out of qualifying position.’
    • ‘There was still some way to go; to catch a crab now might slow the boat down and hand it to them.’
    • ‘Just strokes before the line, Great Britain's second crew caught a crab which slowed them down to a crawl.’
    • ‘In a very unusual display at this level of rowing, Kucharski caught a crab with 200 metres to go pushing them further back.’