Definition of catch (or get a) sight of in English:

catch (or get a) sight of


  • Glimpse for a moment; suddenly notice.

    ‘when she caught sight of him she smiled’
    • ‘Suddenly, he caught sight of his reflection in the mirror and gasped in horror.’
    • ‘Suddenly, your catch sight of the advertising placard behind the table.’
    • ‘Before closing my eyes I catch sight of a notice posted on the dormitory door.’
    • ‘The nomads, he said, were intensely jealous of strange men catching sight of their womenfolk, so I should stay in the Landcruiser while he advanced half way across the scrub.’
    • ‘She picked up a basket of roses and began arranging them in a vase, catching sight of Jamie after a moment.’
    • ‘As I passed each mirror in the house I caught sight of what looked like a ghost, pale and tortured.’
    • ‘We had been waiting a long-time for this moment, unable to turn our heads without catching sight of a poster advertising this year's summer blockbuster.’
    • ‘From the moment he catches sight of him, intensely inhaling a cigarette, he is captivated by his every move.’
    • ‘Juen's eyes widened when they caught sight of what was happening up the mountain.’
    • ‘Somehow my eyes caught sight of the heaps of dust lying in the corners of the room.’
    glimpse, catch a glimpse of, get a glimpse of, see, spot, spy, notice, observe, make out, discern, pick out, sight, detect, have sight of
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