Definition of catastrophist in English:


adjective & noun

  • See catastrophism

    • ‘But they believed that much of the geological record was formed quickly and catastrophically, as the early nineteenth-century catastrophists had believed.’
    • ‘Most years - according to the coherent catastrophists - the Earth's orbit crosses that of the Taurid Complex at a point where there is little debris, resulting in a pre-Christmas spectacle and little else.’
    • ‘He suggests that gradualist and catastrophist theories might be reconciled through the theory of nonlinear dynamics, which allows both slow, small changes and rapid, big ones within the same system.’
    • ‘No geologic catastrophist, Rousseau tried to portray nature's ‘deep time‘: the very slow changes that accompany more visible seasonal variations.’’
    • ‘He examined the site to learn about floods and mountain formation, thus drawing the event into a debate between gradualists and catastrophists.’