Definition of catalytic in English:



  • Relating to or involving the action of a catalyst.

    • ‘Only then can the catalytic activity, for which both are programmed, be set in motion.’
    • ‘His theory was that irregularities in clay sheets could have acted as catalytic surfaces, as well as providing a template on which new clay could be added.’
    • ‘The first catalytic converters used mainly platinum, but now palladium is the predominant catalytic metal.’
    • ‘It was the first RNA molecule to be shown to have a catalytic activity and has since been studied in great detail.’
    • ‘Gene therapy is also making use of catalytic RNA through the construction of ribozymes.’
    • ‘It is frequently reported that a crystalline enzyme retains some catalytic activity.’
    • ‘This is why crystallised enzymes often retain their catalytic activities.’
    • ‘Traces of metal ions (which could act as catalytic redox centres) were similarly ruled out.’
    • ‘Obviously, the catalytic residues of an enzyme are key to its molecular function.’
    • ‘The association of the monomers may affect the catalytic activity of the enzyme.’
    • ‘Pre catalyzed lacquers have the catalytic agent added to the lacquer at the factory.’
    • ‘This mutant contains a single amino acid substitution in the nuclease catalytic center of RecB.’
    • ‘Their implications for catalytic function and ligand interaction are discussed.’
    • ‘His study elucidated the effects of ligand structure and electronics on catalytic activity.’
    • ‘As expected, these catalytic residues are fully conserved at the amino acid level.’
    • ‘The catalytic region of the enzyme, called the active site, is a very small pocket on its outer surface.’
    • ‘Many organic molecules undergo structural changes as a result of catalytic reactions with acid or base.’
    • ‘If even one amino acid in the enzyme is changed, the enzyme may lose its catalytic activity.’
    • ‘Such a development might be useful in stereoselective catalytic syntheses.’
    • ‘The dimer, which maintains catalytic activity, was used throughout our studies.’


Mid 19th century: from catalysis, on the pattern of pairs such as analysis, analytic.