Definition of catadioptric in English:



  • Denoting an optical system which involves both the reflecting and refracting of light, in order to reduce aberration.

    • ‘One alternative for 126 nm is to eliminate refractive or catadioptric designs and instead use an all-reflective approach.’
    • ‘Most 157-nm lithography system designs are catadioptric, i.e., incorporating both mirrors and lenses in the optics to minimize the chromatic aberrations.’
    • ‘More recently, it often shows up in fairly complex catadioptric systems as a simple, inexpensive substitute for an aspheric mirror.’
    • ‘Despite some improvements in narrowing the laser bandwidth, the lack of a glass material in addition to CaF 2 to compensate for chromatic aberrations makes a catadioptric design the only possible choice for the projection optics.’