Definition of cataclastic in English:



  • See cataclasis

    • ‘Large cobble - sized clasts of sandstone, up to 250 mm diameter, in the conglomerates contain fractures with void infilling by matrix, indicating cataclastic deformation before lithification.’
    • ‘Brittle deformation is preserved as the occurrence of fractures within quartz grains that have been healed by authigenic quartz and by cataclastic flow of fragmented feldspar grains.’
    • ‘In contrast, the Lasrdal-Gjende fault system is brittle and marked by a much thinner zone of cataclastic fault rock.’
    • ‘Localized cataclastic deformation is common in both areas of outcrop, with millimetre-scale shatter seams containing comminuted material and rounded strained grains of quartz and feldspar.’
    • ‘They have been referred to as microfaults, cataclastic slip bands, braided shear fractures, granulation seams or band faults.’