Definition of catabolite in English:



  • A product of catabolism.

    • ‘Although the nitrogen contained in chlorophyll cannot be retrieved from the senescing leaf, chlorophyll degradation is required to prevent the accumulation of free chlorophyll and of toxic chlorophyll catabolites.’
    • ‘Therefore, we tested the tryptophan catabolites, picolinic acid and quinolinic acid to see if they could reproduce the effects of IDO overexpression.’
    • ‘Tryptophan catabolites are involved in crustacean molt regulation.’
    • ‘In addition, human pDCs express indoleamine 2,3-deoxygenase, an enzyme generating tryptophan catabolites, which are powerful suppressors of T-cell responses.’
    • ‘Finally, the conspicuous polychaete sponge Isodlctya erinacea produces the yellow pigment erebusinone, a tryptophan catabolite similar to catabolites regulating crustacean molting.’