Definition of cat shark in English:

cat shark


  • A small bottom-dwelling shark that has catlike eyes and small dorsal fins set well back, inhabiting warmer waters.

    Apristurus and other genera, family Scyliorhinidae: several species

    • ‘The funding allowed the crew to search parts of the ocean never seen before, turning up cat sharks, slime eels and other unusual animals.’
    • ‘The deepsea cat shark has a broad snout with 8 or 9 rows of pores along the ventral surface.’
    • ‘When I first saw the banded cat shark at the zoo, I had a hard time understanding why they called it that.’
    • ‘The brown cat shark is oviparous, with eggs deposited in transparent oblong cases slightly over 5 cm long.’
    • ‘As a finale, Reon takes us the next day to a local reef famous for its cat sharks.’