Definition of cat food in English:

cat food


mass noun
  • Commercially prepared food for pet cats.

    ‘I opened a can of cat food for my girlfriend's pets’
    • ‘Many people do not know whether they should buy canned or dry cat food, or whether it even matters.’
    • ‘Our cat decided that a neighbour's offerings of fresh fish were preferable to tinned cat food, and virtually moved in with her.’
    • ‘If you have a cat, you may have noticed that when you open a can of cat food, it sticks up its tail, and the tail quivers a little.’
    • ‘I took the kitten and the small bag of cat food and went up to the apartment.’
    • ‘With eight cats, we buy the largest bags of cat food, and then dump them out into plastic bins so there are no bags for hungry kitties to rip open!’
    • ‘Just as eight out of ten cats may prefer a particular brand of cat food, you will never know whether your moggy is going to be the one that is going to balk at the sight of it.’
    • ‘Stray cats will not be fed anything except dry cat food.’
    • ‘Dry cat food is convenient to feed, and relatively inexpensive, but it's the opposite of the natural diet of cats.’
    • ‘Why not buy a couple of tins of cat food today, so you will be well prepared should you ever have an unexpected feline visitor?’
    • ‘The cat moved out and adopted new owners who buy expensive cat food.’
    • ‘I went to the supermarket today to buy cat food.’
    • ‘In the dim half-light of the kitchen, I pulled out the bag of dry cat food and began to pour it in the bowl.’
    • ‘There are a bunch of wet cat foods out there with perfectly nice ingredients.’
    • ‘They may be bigger and more exotic than your average kitty, but there is nothing these three endangered tigers born and raised in a Sydney zoo love more than an ordinary tin of cat food.’
    • ‘I can empty a tin of cat food into a bowl, give a dog a bone, but never, ever, have I let any sort of animal eat out of my hand.’
    • ‘If the kitten won't eat the cat food, he or she is probably still feeding from the mother.’
    • ‘I confess, softie that I am, I bought some cheap cat food and put out a bowl of it on the front porch for the neighbor's cat a couple of weeks ago.’
    • ‘He gave him some milk to get him started and opened a tin of cat food.’
    • ‘If she's too young for dry cat food, mash dry kitten kibble up with some warm water and let her lick it off your fingers.’
    • ‘If you are buying cheap cat food that does not have the proper nutrients your cat will eat a lot more.’
    • ‘As a rule, she demands and receives wet cat food, and she's happy with that.’
    • ‘She shares a tin of cat food a day with our other cat, Penny, yet she is twice the size of her.’