Definition of cat flap in English:

cat flap

(also cat door)


  • A small hinged flap in an outer door, through which a cat may enter or leave a building.

    ‘the kitty lets himself into neighbours' houses by walking through their cat flaps’
    • ‘If you are at all handy or have access to someone who is, consider installing cat flaps (or just cutting cat holes) in the doors.’
    • ‘Consider constructing a cat door for free access to the outdoor enclosure.’
    • ‘Keep your cat in at night by locking its cat flap and providing a litter tray or, even better, consider keeping it in a well-built and interesting run during the day.’
    • ‘Yesterday I came downstairs and found that the cat flap had been smashed.’
    • ‘The Cat, without reply, popped through the cat door.’
    • ‘The arsonist's trademark is to set light to conifer trees and wheelie bins, but lighted paper has also been pushed through a cat flap.’
    • ‘I'm not sure if he knows how to use a cat flap, so a wee training session might be in order.’
    • ‘Draught proofing cuts out unpleasant draughts from around windows, external doors, letterboxes, keyholes and cat flaps.’
    • ‘The postmen said the cat had ripped their hands to shreds as they put post through the cat flap.’
    • ‘At an aromatherapy clinic and shop the gang crawled in through a tiny gap created around a cat flap in the back wall.’
    • ‘Did my kitten learn how to use the cat flap, this wet, cold, November evening?’
    • ‘And just as I said that, as if awaiting its cue, a huge mouse ran out from beneath the cooker and leapt out through the cat flap.’
    • ‘As soon as I'd put one out the front, there he was coming in through the cat flap with yet another one!’
    • ‘Don't forget to seal the cat flap to prevent pets escaping.’
    • ‘He keeps throwing glances at the cat flap in the back door but it will be a couple more weeks before we let him venture outside.’
    • ‘The postman always comes to the back door and, on many occasions, has put a bulky envelope through the cat flap.’
    • ‘Within the six weeks he grew so fast that he could no longer walk in and out of the house through the cat flap on the front door.’
    • ‘Residents are urged to keep their keys hidden after thieves broke into a house by fishing for them through a cat flap.’
    • ‘I'm not really sure what the objective of the game is or how a player wins or loses, but it involves two cats, one on either side of the cat flap.’
    • ‘He likes to sit on the windowsill, and to look out of the French doors and through the cat flap.’


cat flap

/ˈkat flap/