Definition of cat-sit in English:



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  • Look after a cat or cats while their owner is away, usually staying at the owner's home in order to do so.

    ‘I need someone to cat-sit this weekend’
    ‘a woman I used to cat-sit for’
    • ‘I first came here 20 years ago to visit a friend who was cat-sitting for an English lady.’
    • ‘Brent's parents were cat-sitting; he had left strict instructions for them not to let the aged but feisty tomcat out.’
    • ‘Tiny, the 19-year-old black and white cat, went missing four weeks ago when her owner was away visiting her daughter and her nephew was cat-sitting.’
    • ‘I need someone to cat-sit this weekend.’
    • ‘I'll be down in Rhode Island giving a talk next week and then getting on a plane to the Bay Area where I'll hang out and catsit and eat burritos for a week.’
    • ‘Last holiday we had a neighbor kid catsit, and he closed the door to the basement room where their litter boxes are located.’
    • ‘My dear friend Stella catsat for me over Christmas break.’
    • ‘I was first given a job in a learning centre by a woman I used to cat-sit for.’
    • ‘My parents are going away for March break so I have to cat-sit.’
    • ‘I've cleaned the hell out of my apartment (so Sam doesn't see the squalor I've been living in when he comes over to cat-sit).’