Definition of cat's cradle in English:

cat's cradle


mass noun
  • A child's game in which a loop of string is put around and between the fingers and complex patterns are formed.

    • ‘Indoor activities include board games and various string games such as cat's cradle.’
    • ‘The Eskimos were enthusiastic practitioners of string games like cat's cradle, while the Polynesians had a tradition of using string maps for navigating from island to island.’
    • ‘She was trying to get one of the brother's mates to play cat's cradle with her.’
    • ‘Lizzie was in the back with Colin, trying to teach him cat's cradle.’
    • ‘I play with the rope Seleth gave me, playing cat's cradle as best I can.’
    • ‘A pair of Sophomores who had just joined the group that year, were playing cat's cradle on one of the queens.’
    • ‘Quiet evenings at home are spent carving ivory or bone, or playing string games like cat's cradle.’
    • ‘In the next 30 minutes, a shoe-string is transformed from a noose to a game of cat's cradle, characters spin and dance with twirling chairs, arm wrestling and a push-up competition take place.’
    • ‘The notion of the cat's cradle, a game played with yarn where two children help each other to create stringed patterns of ever-growing complexity, creates an entry point into the proceedings.’
    • ‘They looked to Hazel and Blondie, who were playing cat's cradle with some string.’