Definition of casualty department in English:

casualty department

(also casualty ward)


  • The department of a hospital providing immediate treatment for emergency cases.

    • ‘Soldiers from the Special Air Service are being taught emergency life-saving techniques in the casualty department of the city's Royal Infirmary.’
    • ‘A chest radiograph did not show a fracture, but the pain had been sufficiently severe to warrant overnight observation in the casualty department.’
    • ‘I attended my local NHS casualty department and had brilliant treatment - however, the break refused to heal properly and it was decided that I needed to see a specialist.’
    • ‘Patients with trauma, both minor and major, were seen by casualty officers in the casualty department.’
    • ‘When Jane's psychosis got especially scary, she wound up in a hospital casualty ward, where she was sent home with some sleeping pills.’
    • ‘I attempted to explain the situation to her, advising that the hospital casualty department would be best suited to Sam's needs; that a thorough medical examination was essential.’
    • ‘In the casualty department I saw a young Muslim teenager brought by his elder brother.’
    • ‘He would have died from arsenic poisoning even if the hospital casualty department had treated him properly.’
    • ‘It also takes the uncertainty out of those awful weekends when your baby has an ugly rash and you just don't know whether it's serious enough to bother the emergency doctors or the hospital's casualty department.’
    • ‘The pensioner, who first arrived at the hospital's casualty department on January 12, was finally transferred to a ward on January 15.’
    • ‘A few weeks ago, she began a six-month stint in her hospital's casualty department, dealing with a succession of patients who had toppled off ladders or been pulled out of car crashes.’
    • ‘His shop is closed on Wednesday, but on Thursday he was back at the hospital casualty department after dropping a steak knife that cut his shin to the bone.’
    • ‘They are not hoax calls, but come from people with minor ailments who mistakenly believe that by calling an ambulance they will automatically jump the queue at a hospital casualty department.’
    • ‘I thank the kind woman who helped me and staff at the hospital casualty department who were busy when I arrived.’
    • ‘I had had virtually no sleep on the Saturday night and none at all on the night in question, when I was covering the casualty department as well as the wards.’
    • ‘A 22 year old student with a history of allergy attended the casualty department because of blurred vision.’
    • ‘An hour later he rang again to say that he was not prepared to wait and was taking his mother in law to the casualty department.’
    • ‘As the note indicates, the claimant was referred to the casualty department at Tameside Hospital.’
    • ‘In fact, the only time these voters ever come in contact with the public health system is when they have an accident, and must visit the hospital casualty department.’
    • ‘The casualty department at one Queensland hospital deals on average with a heroin overdose a day. That's on top of the usual day to day injury and accident cases.’


casualty department