Definition of castration in English:



mass noun
  • 1The removal of the testicles of a male animal or man.

    ‘the castration of male calves was initiated to reduce fighting’
    • ‘If Parliament won't bring back the death penalty, we might have to settle for compulsory castration or locking offenders away until they die.’
    • ‘I began to tell her stories that involved castrations and how men have all their power and strength tied up in their testicles.’
    • ‘In the musical tradition of the early modern period in Europe, the castration of young male singers provided a higher-pitched voice to sing soprano roles.’
    • ‘This sect, which practiced castration of its members, existed until the early 1900s.’
    • ‘In medical practice, castration is sometimes used in the treatment of prostate cancer.’
    • ‘At the moment of castration of a potentially great polo pony, the sperm can be collected and frozen.’
    • ‘The veteran is later beaten and threatened with castration.’
    • ‘The castration of the enemy or the enemy's corpse in some societies was a means of transferring the power of the male warrior to the victor.’
    • ‘The technology platform also provides a nonsurgical alternative to castration for pets.’
    • ‘It was a crime punishable by castration in seven states.’
    1. 1.1 The state of being deprived of power, vitality, or vigour.
      ‘the inability to afford technology is economic castration’
      • ‘With the recognition of verbal castration comes self-disgust.’
      • ‘We need to blame someone for the emotional castration we suffered.’
      • ‘If they are untroubled by the castration of the system of checks and balances, they give the bureaucracy a monopoly of power and make it unaccountable to the people.’
      • ‘The act of limiting and controlling oneself here is not a castration of liberty.’
      • ‘It was just another notch in the belt for that administration's systematic castration of our government's conception of separation of powers.’