Definition of castor oil plant in English:

castor oil plant


  • An African shrub with lobed serrated leaves, which yields the seeds from which castor oil is obtained and is widely naturalized in warm countries.

    Ricinus communis, family Euphorbiaceae

    • ‘The castor oil plant was put into a good big earthenware pot and positioned to replace a couple of smaller pots of finished summer stuff that were shifted away to over-winter out of sight ready for next year.’
    • ‘This is particularly true with the castor oil plant which is an annual that produces a prolific amount of seeds in a short time, so it's important to pull them out before they flower.’
    • ‘Despite its exotic indoor plant appearance, Fatsia, the castor oil plant, grows very well outside and is ideal for filling a large space.’
    • ‘It comes from the beans of the castor oil plant, ricinis communis, which grows widely in warm climates and here and there in England.’
    • ‘After being derived from the castor oil plant Ricinus communis, the ricin is most likely to first be in a powder form, though it can be used in an aerosol.’
    • ‘Other popular varieties for the home include beloperones, bertolonias, bougainvilleas for the conservatory, guzmanias, tillandsias, anthuriums, cinerarias, castor oil plants and fatsias.’